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Seventh Annual Graduate Student Symposium Award Winners

Audio From Creative Performances
Rachel Routier - Roots of Green
 Michelle Owens - Shells 
 Xavia Publius  - Looking Glass 
 Katherin Kneisley - Come Scoglio 

Poster Presentation: Literature Review
First Place, Ranjana Joshi, Technology (DT)
Harvesting Ambient Energy to Power Wireless Sensor Nodes
Advisor: Dr. Jin Zhu

Second Place, Brittany Lewno, Psychology: Clinical Science (MA)
Stigma or Support? A Comparative Literature Review of the Stigma Associated with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism Specturm Disorder (ASD)
Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Lefler

Poster Presentation: Project
First Place, Luci Dumas, Psychology: Clinical Science (MA)
Control and Personality Traits on Life Goals in Offenders
Advisor: Dr. Sunde Nesbit

Second Place, Rachel Meisinger, Psychology: Clinical Science (MA)
Sluggish Cognitive Tempo in the Classroom: Under-Identified by Teachers
Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Lefler

Poster Presentation: Research
First Place, Matthew Cooney, Geography (MA)
Understanding Long-Term Spatiotemporal Dynamics of the Taimyr Reindeer Herd in a Changing Environment
Advisor: Dr. Andrey Petrov

Second Place (Tie), Lingxiu Chen, Technology: Engineering Management (MS)
Enhanced Pulse-Position Modulation (PPM) in Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Systems
Advisor: Dr. Jeffery Nie

Tsamchoe Dolma, Psychology: Social Psychology (MA)
The Role of Emotion Regulation In Academic Emotions and Academic Achievement
Advisor: Dr. Dilbur Arsiwalla

Oral Presentations
Elm Room

First Place:  Not Awarded

Second Place (Tie), Sandra Flikkema, Communication Studies: Organizational Communication (MA)
Ritual Interrupted: Getting 'Fired' Gets Laughs and Shifts Power in Organizations On and Off Television
Advisor: Dr. Laura Terlip

Alexa Juhl, Health Education: Community Health Education (MA)
A Case Study: Sex Education Practices in Mainline Protestant Denominations
Advisor: Dr. Susan Roberts-Dobie

Brock Rozich, Psychology: Social Psychology (MA)
Atheists Experience Harsher Attributions Than Their Non-Religious Counterparts
Advisor: Dr. Kim MacLin

State College Room

First Place, Laura Trettin, Postsecondary Education: Student Affairs (MAE)
The Effects of Living in a Springboard House During One's First Year at the University of Northern Iowa
Advisor: Dr. Michael Waggoner

Second Place, Asha Ganesan, Psychology: Social Psychology (MA)
Gender Differences in Self-Concept Consistency and Career Choices Under Stereotype Threat
Advisor: Dr. Helen Harton

University Room

First Place, Melanie Abbas, Technology (DT)
Development of a Multi-Mode Self-Adaptive Traffic Shaping Algorithm for an Efficient Network
Advisor: Dr. Jin Zhu

Second Place, Darshak Dodiya, Technology: Industrial Management (MS)
Analysis of Use of Automated Tools for Improving the Process of Software Verification and Validation in a Midwestern Company
Advisor: Dr. Ali Kashef

Creative Performance: Musical Performance
Katherin Kneisley, Performance: Voice (MM)
Come scoglio from Cosi fan tutte by Mozart
Advisor: Dr. John Hines

Creative Writing
First Place, Xavia Publius, Women's and Gender Studies (MA)
"Looking Glass"
Advisor: Dr. Danielle McGeough

Second Place, Rachel Routier, English: Creative Writing (MA)
"Roots of Green"
Advisor: Dr. Vince Gotera


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