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Graduate College

Timely Tips from Thesis Reviewer

The following is a list of cautions regarding some of the most frequent errors. Time devoted to detail from the very onset of the research/writing will save lots of time as the end of the project nears.

  1. All references cited in the body of the paper must be noted in the reference section.
  2. Citations in the body of the paper must agree with the reference list both in name of author, spelling of author, and year of publication.
  3. When quoting, always provide the author, year, and specific page citation in the text and include a complete reference in the reference list. All direct quotes must have the exact page number of the quote.
  4. In setting up page format, pay special attention to the correct margins. Note that the page number is ¾ inch from the top of the page in the right corner, however, the first line of type on each page is 1 ¼ inch from the top. The left margin must be 1 ½ inch, the right margin 1 inch and the bottom 1 ¼ inch. (The bottom margin will vary according to the orphans and widows format.)
  5. Note also that the page number must be the same font style and size as the text of the paper.
  6. Read the Graduate College Thesis and Dissertation Manual. The required standards are described in this booklet, and the Graduate College will not accept any manuscript that fails to meet these standards. Keep in mind the information in the Graduate College Thesis and Dissertation Manual takes precedence over the individual departmental style manuals.
  7. If a questionnaire is a part of the research, it is advisable that when the student is preparing it the required margins for the thesis or dissertation are followed as that will alleviate any problems when incorporating the form into the final copy of the thesis or dissertation.
  8. When a period or comma occurs with closing quotation marks, place the period or comma BEFORE rather than after the quotation marks. Put other punctuation outside quotation marks unless it is part of the quoted material.
  9. When a period or comma occurs with quotation marks that are used to set off the titles of publications or to show that certain words are used in a special way, place the period or comma ALWAYS INSIDE the quotation mark.
  10. It is the student's responsibility to carefully check the total document for accuracy. If there is an excessive number of errors in the submission copies, the Graduate College Reviewer will not finish reading the thesis, and the student will be notified of that finding. The student then will be obligated to assure that the thesis has been carefully edited before resubmitting corrected deposit copies. This resubmitted copy will be read after all others are completed for the semester.
  11. All pages must have a page number with the exception of the Abstract and the title pages.
  12. Tables and figures must be formatted according to the departmental style manual. Note carefully the format so as to avoid excessive reformatting before final submission.
  13. The documents are read in the order in which they are submitted to the Graduate College. Any student requiring early processing must keep this in mind and therefore submit early.
  14. Meeting the submission deadline does not guarantee graduation for that semester. It is necessary to have all corrections and all paper work completed before the end of the semester in order to be a graduate of the submission semester.
  15. All the required forms and copies must be correctly completed and submitted before the document is read. Additionally, if the document is submitted with pages missing, it will NOT be read until all pages are included.