2022 Graduate College Award recipients

Celebrating excellence at UNI

Even with the challenge of remote learning, teaching, and meetings to finish out the 2021-2022 academic year, the faculty and students at the University of Northern Iowa have continued to work hard and dedicate themselves to innovative research and education.

This time we can shake hands and greet each other in person, the Graduate College would like to take a moment to celebrate excellence in graduate education at UNI. Congratulations to our award winners.

Outstanding Faculty Award Winners 2021-22

Outstanding Faculty Awards are granted to distinguished graduate faculty who showcases excellence in teaching, scholarship and research.

Student Award Winners 2021-22

Graduate Assistant First Award

This award recognizes Graduate Assistants who excel in commitment, initiative and engagement in their program and at UNI. Supervisors are encouraged to nominate Graduate Assistants who demonstrate consistent abilities to overcome obstacles, show optimism, coordinate work, and embody high standards throughout their time at UNI.

Recipients (A-H)

  • Ali Bai
  • Benjamin Stainbrook
  • Brandon Akers
  • Brendan Weed
  • Cooper Vittetoe
  • Emma Newton
  • Hannah Black
  • Hannah McConkey

Recipients (H-P)

  • Hannah Wollack
  • Isabella Perksen
  • Jessie Harder
  • Madison Imoehl
  • Mike Tate
  • Molly Mundt
  • Natalie Ross
  • Paeten Schultz

Recipients (Q-Z)

  • Quinn Rauchenecker
  • Riley Rodemaker
  • Samantha Flodin
  • Sean A. Riley
  • Shravya Dorna
  • Shyanne Sporrer
  • Spencer Navara
  • Tyler Hospodarsky

Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award

First Place

Dr. Daniel P. Butler

  • Educational Doctoral Program (EdD)
  • Dr. Kim Huckstadt, Advisor
Second Place

Dr. Nicholas F. Rafanello

  • Educational Doctoral Program (EdD)
  • Dr. David Schmid, Advisor

Outstanding Master's Research Paper Award

First Place

Ms. Melissa Johnson

  • Dept. of Science Education
  • Dr. Dawn Del Carlo, Advisor

Outstanding Master's Thesis Award

First Place

Ms. Hasina Jalal

  • Dept. of Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Dr. Tom Hall, Advisor
Second Place

Ms. Chloe Reeble

  • Psychology
  • Dr. Elizabeth Lefler, Advisor