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 Graduate College

UNI Grad Student News

UNI Grad Student News is a monthly publication that highlights the many achievements of our graduate students and alumni.  Enjoy reading the most recent issue of the UNI Grad Student News found at the following link:

October 2014 - Volume 11, Issue 7

Past issues of the UNI Grad Student News may be accessed at the links below:

  -September 2014-Volume 11, Issue 6

  -August 2014- Volume 11, Issue 5

  - April/May 2014- Volume 11, Issue 4

  - March 2014 - Volume 10, Issue 3

  - February 2014 - Volume 9, Issue 4

  - January 2014 - Volume 9, Issue 3

  - November/December 2013 - Volume 9, Issue 2

  - October 2013 - Volume 9, Issue 1

Submit Your News:

All students, faculty, and staff are invited to submit their news! Please submit your news either via the online survey or download the Microsoft Word form below:

Online Submission Form

Paper Submission Form

Please complete the form in its entirety. If using the paper submission form, email it to to be included in upcoming issues. Photos can also be attached to your email. The following are ideas to consider for submission: 

- Presentation / Attendance at a professional conference
- Awards or grants
- Research awards
- Publications or upcoming publications

Questions?  Contact Susie Schwieger, Director of Graduate Student Life at