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Graduate College

Graduate Student Symposium

Congratulations to the 2016 Graduate Student Symposium Award Winners!

Poster Presentation Awards


First Place: Jordan Young, Biology   

Second Place: Jessica Reibkes, Biology

Third Place:  Amani Al Rebeh, Allied Health, Recreation & Community Services
Honorable Mention: Katie Langmeier, Athletic Training


Oral Presentation Awards

Elm Room

First Place: Zheng Li, Psychology: Social Psychology  

Second Place: Benjamin Olsen, Curriculum & Instruction

Third Place: Shehreen Iqtadar, Special Education 

Oak Room
First Place: Haley Steele, Performance: Voice
Second Place: Alia Afzal, English: Literature
Third Place: Cory Dahlstrom, English: English Studies

Presidential Room
First Place: Heather McAlpine, History
Second Place: Ashley Loper, History
Third Place: Alexander Newkirk, History

State College Room
First Place: Jillian Siehlmann, TESOL/Spanish   
Second Place: Liz Becker, TESOL/Spanish   
Third Place: Ashley Boose,  Spanish 

University Room
First Place: Ranjana Joshi, Industrial Technology
Second Place: Emily T. Francis, Geography 
Third Place: Glendolyn Neely, Speech-Language Pathology and Anna Joerger,
Speech-Language Pathology

Creative Performance Awards

Original Composition Category

First Place:Michael Dickerson, Music: Composition  

Second Place: Jen Corrigan, English: Creative Writing

Performance of Established Works

First Place: Michelle Monroe, Music: Vocal Performance
Second Place: Dawne McClure, Communication Studies: Mass Communication and
Ryan Courtney: Communication Studies: Performance Studies