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Frequently Asked Questions



Who do I contact to get admission requirements and information for my major?

Each major has a Graduate Faculty member who has been designated as the Graduate Coordinator for that major. The Graduate Coordinator is your contact person for admission materials and program information and will serve as your advisor once you start your program. Click here for an alphabetical listing of majors available. Then click on the major to be taken to a page with a short description of that major, phone number and address of the department that houses that major as well as phone number and address of the Graduate Coordinator of that major. From that page, you will also have an opportunity (through clickable links) to visit the UNI Catalog description of the major, visit the department world wide web home page (if available) as well as having the opportunity to email the Graduate Coordinator for that specific major.

How late can I apply for admission?

Applications for Degree-Status admission and all credentials required for admission should be on file in the Office of Admissions at least one month before departmental review. Students must contact the academic department regarding application review deadlines. International students should note the special application deadlines required by International Admissions at:  Applications for Non-Degree Status will be accepted up to five (5) days before registration.

Where can I get information on housing?

On-campus housing is arranged through the Department of Residence. You can contact them at 319-273-2333 or click here to go to their web page.

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Programs FAQs

What major areas are available at UNI?

The University of Northern Iowa offers programs leading to several degrees, each with a variety of majors. Click here for an alphabetical listing of majors available at UNI.

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Graduate Assistantships and Graduate College Tuition Scholarships

What happens to my assistantship if I drop classes?

One of the requirements to hold a Graduate Assistantship is to be enrolled in at least 9 on-campus graduate-level credit hours. If you drop below the required 9 hours, the assistantship must be resigned. You retain the pay for the time you have worked. If you are a non-resident, your tuition will be billed at the non-resident rate.

What happens to my Graduate College scholarship if I drop classes?

One of the requirements to have a Graduate College Tuition Scholarship is to be enrolled in at least 9 on-campus graduate-level credit hours. If you drop below the required 9 hours, the scholarship must be resigned. You will be responsible for the entire tuition charges for that semester.

How do I apply for financial support?

Graduate Assistantships and Graduate College Tuition Scholarships are applied for through the departments. Application forms are available from the department, the Graduate College, or our web site. They should be submitted to the department no later than February 1 for full consideration for next academic year support. Other forms of financial aid are applied for through the Office of Student Financial Aid. You can contact them at (800) 772-2736 or (319) 273-2700 or visit their web page by clicking here.

What are the qualifications for receiving support?

The requirements for receiving either a Graduate Assistantship or Graduate College Tuition Scholarship are as follows:

    1. Possess a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution.
    2. Have been admitted to graduate study at the University of Northern Iowa on a degree-track basis, either regular admission or provisional admission.  The provisional admission must be for reasons other than grade point average.  For regular admission, the student must hold a 3.0 overall undergraduate grade point average.
    3. Maintain a minimum of a 3.0 graduate grade point average throughout the program of study.
    4. Be enrolled full-time and carry a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 12 on-campus graduate-level credit hours for each semester during the award. Audit, undergraduate, or courses offered through Continuing Education may not be used as part of the minimum load.

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Thesis and Dissertation FAQs

Who can be on my thesis committee?

The thesis committee is composed of at least three members of the UNI graduate faculty and usually consists of the student's advisor as chairperson and two additional graduate faculty members.

What is a preview?

A preview is the reviewing of the thesis or dissertation for style and format by the Graduate College Reviewer. The preview copy should be a "final draft" which is formatted following the departmental style manual and the specifications outlined in the Graduate College Thesis and Dissertation Manual.  Ideally this preview should occur before the final defense. The goal of the Reviewer is to assist the student in the final process for completion of this important academic requirement.  

What is the purpose of the preview?

The preview is designed to provide technical assistance to thesis/dissertation writers and to reduce the stress and uncertainty that may be associated with the completion of this important academic requirement. (The Graduate College Thesis and Dissertation Manual has a listing of individual departmental style manuals. If any points in the style manual that the department requires differ from any rules in the Graduate College Thesis and Dissertation Manual, the rules in the Graduate College Manual take precedence.) Often a brief consultation will uncover format problems which are easily remedied at this stage. No thesis or dissertation will be accepted by the Graduate College for approval without this preview.  

How do I schedule a preview?

The Graduate College Thesis/Dissertation Manual indicates the preview requirement. Additionally, early each semester Graduate Coordinators and Secretaries receive a letter from the Thesis/Dissertation Reviewer asking them to forward to the Graduate College the names of all students from their department who plan to submit a thesis that particular semester. Upon receipt of that list the Graduate College verifies the Thesis Committee Approval Form has been submitted and forwards a letter to the student explaining the preview process.?

A "window of time" is allowed each semester for previews with the Graduate College Reviewer.  It is the responsibility of the student to contact the Reviewer to schedule their preview. The schedule is published each semester on the Graduate College website and is included with the information sent from the Graduate College office to the student after the department submits the individual names. The student is encouraged to check with the department to assure his/her name has been submitted to the Graduate College as a possible candidate. 

How much time should I allow in my schedule for the preview?

A preview typically lasts an hour to an hour and a half. The art and music students need to allow about a half hour for their preview.  

Why is the paper requirement for the final submission copy "acid free, 24 pound, 25% or 100% cotton"?

The purpose of the acid free paper is to assure permanence; the cotton quality and the 24 pound weight assure durability.

What is valuable advice for someone who is in the final stages of completion?

Proofreading one's own work is extremely difficult so having an outside reader is very helpful. This person could also assist with the checking of all citations in the paper making sure they agree with the reference list for accuracy in author spelling, date of publication, and page number of direct quote.

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Graduate Faculty

Who is on the graduate faculty?

 Click here to go to a listing of the UNI Graduate Faculty.

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