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 Graduate College

Mathematics for the Middle Grades (4-8)

Department of Mathematics
220 Wright Hall
Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0506

Head: Dr. Douglas Mupasiri
Phone: (319) 273-2012

Graduate Coordinator (Middle Grades): Dr. Brian Townsend
Phone: (319) 273-2397

Read the UNI Catalog descriptions:

This major is intended for teachers interested in mathematics for the middle grades (4-8) and for mathematics specialists and supervisors. Teacher licensure is a prerequisite for completing the program approval process for this major. Normally, candidates will have at least 2 years teaching experience.

Students interested in this program must submit a completed Application for Admission to Graduate Study and should refer to their MyUNIverse Student Center To-Do list or contact the Department of Mathematics for other application requirements. Graduate information and application for graduate admission can be found at

The Graduate Record Examination (General Test) is not required for admission to the program.

Only graduate courses (course numbers 5000 or above) will apply to a graduate degree, even if the undergraduate course number (4999 or less) is listed. No exceptions will be made.

This major is available on the non-thesis option only; a minimum of 32 hours is required. A minimum of 15 hours of 200/6000-level course work is required.

Mathematics Education:
MATH 6201 (800:220)New Developments in Mathematics Education3
MATH 6203 (800:222)Contemporary Assessment in Mathematics Education I2
MATH 6204 (800:191g)Contemporary Mathematics Curricula2
MATH 6205 (800:215)Teaching Rational Numbers and Proportionality3
MATH 6208Contemporary Assessment in Mathematics Education II1
MATH 6210 (800:237)Technology in Middle Grades Mathematics1
MATH 6212 (800:211)Algebraic Content and Pedagogy for Teachers3
MATH 6215Geometric Content and Pedagogy for Teachers3
MATH 6224 (800:236)Mathematics for the Middle Grades Teachers I3
MATH 6226 (800:238)Mathematics for the Middle Grades Teacher II3
MATH 6230Reflective Teaching-Cognitive Demand of Mathematical Tasks1
MATH 6231Reflective Teaching-Classroom Discourse1
MATH 6232Reflective Teaching: Meaningful Distributed Instruction1
MATH 6234Reflective Teaching: Leadership1
MATH 6235Reflective Teaching: Investigation of Classroom Practice1
MATH 6381 (800:281)Current Research in Mathematics Education3
Total Hours32