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 Graduate College

Educational Psychology (MAE)

Department of Educational Psychology and Foundations
617 Schindler Education Center
Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0607

Head: Dr. Robert Boody, Head
Phone: (319) 273-6198

Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Suzanne Freedman
Phone: (319) 273-2483

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This major is designed for:

  1. students planning further graduate studies in educational or school psychology;
  2. persons with work experience as teachers, instructors or trainers in schools, business, or human service agencies who are seeking further professional development.

Students interested in this program must submit a completed Application for Admission to Graduate Study and should contact the Department of Educational Psychology and Foundations for any other admission requirements. Graduate information and application for graduate admission can be found at

The Graduate Record Examination (General Test) is required for admission to the program.

Only graduate courses (course number 5000 or above) will apply to a graduate degree, even if the undergraduate course number (4999 or less) is listed. No exceptions will be made.

This major is available on the thesis and non-thesis options. A minimum of 36 semester hours is required for the thesis option and a minimum of 33 semester hours for the non-thesis option. A minimum of 15 hours 200/6000-level course work is required for the thesis option. A minimum of 12 hours 200/6000-level course work is required for the non-thesis option.

Required professional core

Educational Psychology:

EDPSYCH 6214 (200:214)

Foundations of Instructional Psychology


Measurement and Research:

MEASRES 6205 (250:205)

Educational Research


Select one of the following:


Educational Psychology:

EDPSYCH 4140/5140 (200:140g)

Social Psychology, Education

Social Foundations:

SOCFOUND 6234 (260:234)

Philosophy of Education (approved by advisor)

Professional Studies

3 or 6

Thesis Option (6 hours)

EDPSYCH 6299 (200:299)


Non-thesis Option (3 hours)

EDPSYCH 6285 (200:285)


EDPSYCH 6290 (200:290)

Practicum in Education and Psychology

EDPSYCH 6299 (200:299)


Electives: a minimum of 6 hours


Electives will be selected in consultation with advisor and require approval of the graduate coordinator.

Educational Psychology emphasis: completion of at least 15 hours (advisor approved) in one of the three emphases listed below:


Thesis Option total


Non-thesis option total


Development and Learning Emphasis (15 hours)

Educational Psychology

3 hours from the following:

EDPSYCH 6235 (200:235)

Theories of Human Development


EDPSYCH 4116/5116 (200:116g)
  & EDPSYCH 6285 (200:285)

Psychology of Adolescence
   and Readings


EDPSYCH 6224 (200:224)

Adult Development and Learning

6 hours approved by department


Measurement and Research

MEASRES 4180/5180 (250:180g)

Statistical Methods in Education

Research and Evaluation Emphasis (15 hours)

Measurement and Research

MEASRES 4180/5180 (250:180g)

Statistical Methods in Education

MEASRES 4181/5181 (250:181g)

Educational Evaluation in Teaching

MEASRES 6281 (250:281)

Statistics and Measurement

3 hours in Development and Learning Emphasis; and one of the following:

INTDEPED 7305 (190:305)

Qualitative Methods in Educational Research

MEASRES 6270 (250:270)

Educational Program Evaluation

MEASRES 7300 (250:300)

Descriptive Educational Research

MEASRES 7301 (250:301)

Advanced Experimental Research in Education

Context and Techniques of Assessment Emphasis (15 hours)

Choose 15 hours from the following courses:


Educational Psychology:

EDPSYCH 4176/5176 (200:176g)

Learning and Behavioral Problems in Education

EDPSYCH 6240 (200:240)

Introduction to School Psychology

EDPSYCH 6280 (200:280)

Psychological Consultation in Schools

EDPSYCH 6232 (200:232)

Risk and Resilience: Child, Family, School and Community Factors

EDPSYCH 6289 (200:289)

Seminar in Education and Psychology


Special Education:

SPED 6260 (220:260)

Special Education Law and Policy

Measurement and Research:

MEASRES 6281 (250:281)

Statistics and Measurement

MEASRES 6282 (250:282)

Individual Intellectual Assessment

MEASRES 6283 (250:283)

Academic Assessment and Intervention

MEASRES 6284 (250:284)

Psychosocial Assessment