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 Graduate College

Curriculum and Instruction: Instructional Technology (MA)

Department of Curriculum and Instruction
618 Schindler Education Center
Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0606

Head: Jill Uhlenberg, Head
Phone: (319) 273-7671

Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Leigh Zeitz
Phone: (319) 273-3249

Read the UNI Catalog description:

This major is designed to prepare educators for a variety of professional positions in educational settings, including school building level, school district level, and alternative schools.

Students interested in this program must submit a completed Application for Admission to Graduate Study and should contact the Department of Curriculum and Instruction for other admission requirements.  Graduate information and application for graduate admission can be found at

The Graduate Record Examination (General Test) is not required for admission to the program.

Only graduate courses (course numbers 5000 or above) will apply to a graduate degree, even if the undergraduate course number (4999 or less) is listed.  No exceptions will be made. 

This major is available on both the thesis and non-thesis options, and requires a minimum of 35-44 semester hours depending on the option chosen. A minimum of 15 semester hours of 200/6000-level course work is required for the thesis option. A minimum of 12 semester hours of 200/6000-level course work is required for the non-thesis option.

All students completing the thesis option are required to pass an oral comprehensive examination prepared and administered by the thesis committee. This comprehensive examination will normally accompany the thesis defense. A student completing the thesis option must include 6 hours of INSTTECH 6299 (240:299) in the program of study.

All students completing the non-thesis option are required to complete the departmental graduate research requirement and prepare a comprehensive ePortfolio at the end of the student's program of study.


Curriculum and Instruction:


ELEMECML 6201 (210:201)

Issues and Trends in Curriculum

Literacy Education


LITED 6212 (230:212)

Methods and Materials in Literacy Education

Instructional Technology:


INSTTECH 4139/5139 (240:139g)

Instructional Multimedia Planning and Production

INSTTECH 6232 (240:232)

Selection and Integration of Instructional Technology

INSTTECH 6237 (240:237)

Coordinating Technology in an Educational Setting

INSTTECH 6240 (240:240)

Instructional Design

INSTTECH 6289 (240:289)

Seminar in Instructional Technology

Measurement and Research:


MEASRES 6205 (250:205)

Educational Research



INSTTECH 6299 (240:299)


Thesis Option (6 hours)

Non-thesis Option (2 hours)

Electives: Choose Option 1 or 2 below:


Option 1 (6 hours - thesis) (10 hours - non-thesis)

Option 2 (15 hours)

Total hours Option 1 - thesis or non-thesis option


Total hours Option 2 thesis option


Total hours Option 2 non-thesis option


Option 1


Educational Psychology:

EDPSYCH 6214 (200:214)

Foundations of Instructional Psychology

Instructional Technology:

INSTTECH 4131/5131 (240:131g)

Technology in Education

INSTTECH 4138/5138 (240:138g)

Visual Literacy

INSTTECH 4140/5140 (240:140g)

Data-Driven Decision Making in Education

INSTTECH 4147/5147 (240:147g)

Digital Imaging

INSTTECH 4150/5150 (240:150g)

Digital Instructional Video Production

INSTTECH 4153/5153 (240:153g)

Emerging Instructional Technologies

INSTTECH 4170/5170 (240:170g)

Web-based Instructional Development

INSTTECH 6205 (240:205)

Instructional Computing Design

INSTTECH 6210 (240:210)

Distance Education

INSTTECH 6260 (240:260)

Advanced Instructional Technology Projects

INSTTECH 6285 (240:285)

Readings in Instructional Technology

INSTTECH 6286 (240:286)

Studies in Instructional Technology

INSTTECH 6297 (240:297)

Practicum in Instructional Technology

Option 2


School Library Studies:

SLS 4114/5114 (350:114g)

Introduction to the School Library Program

SLS 4132/5132 (350:132g)

Library Resources for Children

or SLS 4134/5134 (350:134g)

Library Resources for Young Adults

SLS 6225 (350:225)

Administration of the School Library Program

SLS 6250 (350:250)

Reference Services and Information Retrieval

SLS 6290 (350:290)

Practicum (3 hrs.)