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 Graduate College

Biotechnology (PSM)

Department of Biology
144 McCollum Science Hall
Cedar Falls, IA 50614

Head: Dr. David Saunders
Phone: (319) 273-2456

Graduate Coordinator: Dr. David Saunders
Phone: (319) 273-2456

Read the UNI Catalog description:

This P.S.M. degree prepares students for career opportunities in biotechnology-related businesses and industries. Emphasis is placed on combining molecular and genetic engineering skills with an understanding of business and the degree includes an internship experience. Admission is restricted to students with a GPA of 3.00 or higher and a B.A. or B.S. in Biotechnology, Biology, Biochemistry or a related discipline. Students must have taken an Introductory General Biology sequence, Genetics and one or more courses in Molecular Biology or equivalents to be considered.

Students interested in this program must submit a completed Application for Admission to Graduate Study and should contact the Department of Biology for any other admission requirements. Graduate information and application for graduate admission can be found at

The Graduate Record Examination (General Test) is not required for admission to the program.

Only graduate courses (course numbers 5000 or above) will apply to a graduate degree, even if the undergraduate course number (4999 or less) is listed.  No exceptions will be made. 

This major is available on the non-thesis option only. A minimum of 30 semester hours is required. A minimum of 18 semester hours of 200/6000-level course work is required.



BIOL 6240 (840:240)

Advanced Cellular and Molecular Biology


BIOL 6280 (840:280)

Advanced Analytical Techniques


Science and Science Education:


PSM 6100 (820:209)

Business Management for Science Professionals

PSM 6300 (820:215)

Team-Based Problem Solving

PSM 6289 (820:289)

Professional Science Master's Seminar (2 hrs.)

PSM 6950 (820:295)

Professional Science Master's Internship (4-6 hrs.)

Electives (must be 100g/5000-level or above): *


Total hours



Students having completed at least two courses in Group A, or their equivalent, may select electives from Group B.

Group A:


BIOL 4121/5121 (840:121g)

Plant Biotechnology

BIOL 4127/5127 (840:127g)

Bioinformatics Applications for Biology

BIOL 4129/5129 (840:129g)

Genomics and Proteomics

BIOL 4153/5153 (840:153g)

Recombinant DNA Techniques

Chemistry and Biochemistry:

CHEM 4510/5510 (860:154g)

Biochemistry I

Group B:


BIOL 4122/5122 (840:122g)

Plant Physiology

BIOL 4128/5128 (840:128g)

Cell Biology

BIOL 4146/5146 (840:146g)

Developmental Biology of Animals

BIOL 4150/5150 (840:150g)


BIOL 4157/5157 (840:157g)


Chemistry and Biochemistry:

CHEM 4520/5520 (860:155g)

Biochemistry II

CHEM 4530/5530 (860:156g)

Biochemistry Laboratory

CHEM 6610 (860:211)

Corporate Chemistry